Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Opposites in Stripes

Thinking of opposites I decided to continue with my explorations of working with black and white stripes.
The opposites I cover are, black and white, large and small, round and square and looking at the pink circle is it in front or behind the black and white striped background. I think the scale is too small to get many illusions , it is quite easy on the eyes unlike some of my larger pieces.
Raw edge applique and vertical quilting in red and black.


  1. Really well done, those illlusions. It does make your eyes go funny!

  2. Fantastic.It reminded me of the illusion pictures in children's books where you moved the page to get the effect of a wheel turning.

  3. Irene, another in the series that make me awe struck at your ability to see the stripes and match them correctly. I love the "eyes" that seem to help you around the piece.

  4. Oh I think you achieved quite a few illusions!! And the pink really adds to it and I found it a resting place to kind of catch my breath. Beautiful.