Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hi all,
I have managed to finish OPPOSITES before going to Cheshire to be a good Granny over half-term to a 4 year old!
Last year, in region 7 we had a designing day.  My piece has been pinned up ever since,  so I thought I would try using only black and white in it for this challenge.  I worked with various ideas on the computer and chose this version.  Fighting with the copier at Staples I got some interesting variations..........not 12" square.  They are now pinned up!
All cottons with some painting with Stewart Gill paint.  I have just got a new Janome and love to try out the patterns and the 'mirroring' facility.We were shown a new way to put facing on at a course and I tried that too.  Not quit perfected it yet.
Now I have to remember how to put up my photo.  Looks Ok ,  but I had to minimise it.  Hope it comes through.


  1. Lovely interpretation. And it looks like it is a start of a new series as well :-)

  2. Oooh, what an interesting piece.

  3. The shapes are amazing Margaret, how is it put together?

  4. Love the movement in this piece, Margaret! Very nice!

  5. Lots of things to think and wonder on when looking at the various shapes and areas. It is interesting how many of us went for black and white pieces.