Monday, 31 March 2014

Not to any theme - printing

Not to our theme but I thought this was a fun experiment. I pulled a daffodil out of a vase and discovered the stalk had split and formed 3 little spirals. I cut them off and tried them out for printing using a pin inserted at right angles to give me something to hold onto. I was very impressed with the fineness of the printed spiral

Summer Adventure - Birds of a Feather

This piece was made from an old sheet.I used a home made stencil and a small home made screen for the screen printing. I got my husband to show me how to use a mitre saw so I could make small screens of various sizes. The writing was my first attempt with a nozzle shaped bottle. The binding is just pinned so I have the hemming to do while watching TV.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

theme for April

My quilt for the month March will be late, I was having so much fun with my 2 other series that I still have to start working on this quilt. But as the month is almost ended I have used the random number generator to tell us what our theme for April will be. It gave me: early flight. Let your imagination run wild to see what you can do with this theme :-).

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Crooked Little House in Contrast - Kelly

My mind goes first to the B/W I love but I wanted to stretch a bit more and not be too predictable.I had so many ideas that it was difficult to land on just one.  Finally decided on contrasting Color with the B/W. Figured I would design a cute house as the main bit. Remembered my favorite photo of a Crooked Little House and thought that would make a great inspiration for this theme.  I made the little house in B/W and then on with Colors (there is also a contrast in using the pastels for the backboards of the house and brights for the boards in front).  Here is one of the little crooked houses in contrast.  BONUS!! I also have another one!!! It is still on the design wall ready to be completed later.  


Here is a side by side photo of the two pieces before they were cut up and mixed together.

Sorry for the blur. Next week my camera will have a new lens (thanks to a GREAT price on e-bay!!)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

And the Photograph!

Sorry, don't know what happened to the photo the first time around, it must be me!!

Triple Contrast!

Finally I made it!! This piece stems from two Journal Quilts from 2013 based on the work of Barbara Hepworth.  I have continued to tweek the design and this time have added a third contrasting colour.
The design was drawn out onto Golden Hands paper and then stitched and flipped having first been cut into three sections. The additional machine quilting adds to the Contrast Theme. These more abstract themes are definitely my favorites, less so the pictorial ones!!