Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Crooked Little House in Contrast - Kelly

My mind goes first to the B/W I love but I wanted to stretch a bit more and not be too predictable.I had so many ideas that it was difficult to land on just one.  Finally decided on contrasting Color with the B/W. Figured I would design a cute house as the main bit. Remembered my favorite photo of a Crooked Little House and thought that would make a great inspiration for this theme.  I made the little house in B/W and then on with Colors (there is also a contrast in using the pastels for the backboards of the house and brights for the boards in front).  Here is one of the little crooked houses in contrast.  BONUS!! I also have another one!!! It is still on the design wall ready to be completed later.  


Here is a side by side photo of the two pieces before they were cut up and mixed together.

Sorry for the blur. Next week my camera will have a new lens (thanks to a GREAT price on e-bay!!)


  1. What a twist to the theme,and such fun,

  2. What fun! I do love the idea of using two images and combining them.

  3. Love your little crooked house, and the 2 separate pieces, and would never have thought of cutting them apart and reassembling them. I wonder what it would have looked like it you put the black and white house on the green and blue background?