Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Change, alter, adapt.

Change, alter, adapt.

I just had one thought when I read the title of the challenge for this month, though it has taken me some time to complete this piece. Fabric dyed on a NWCQ dyeing day some months ago, with calligraphy using my collection of dye pens, many of which are drying out. The drawing of the chameleon was achieved by bobbin work, my first attempt sewn over a layer of scrim.  An overlay of sheer fabrics, with quilting in rayon thread.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I am interested how often we are creating little pieces that are representational and not abstract and it made me wonder whether is it the titles or it is  the way our heads work. Although my quilt for FOQ was more representational I seldom create work that does not have another meaning to it and yet when I work on Journal Quilts or these Sky-is-the-limit quilts I work in a  different way.  My aim therefore for "Change" is to go more with the flow and see what happens.  Watch this space......


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Holiday Village

This is Hilary's piece for the theme "Life at the beach".

At the Beach

Early in August I started working on this quilt and the background was completed shortly after that. But than I got distracted by some yarn and an addictive computer game FarmVille 2 so the final applique took me 2 weeks to complete :-). Here it is as it looks now. I am tempted to stitch this onto a canvas and add some shells to it, so I cannot say that it is completed right now.