Friday, 11 July 2014

Girls and Boys come out to play by Irene MacWilliam

Childs Play - theme

A sun print using Dye-na-flo and setacolor, then the figures were screen printed using a stencil. Writing of nursery rhyme, using acrylic ink in pen bought from Art-van-go. 
The background represents the tangled life of childhood with lots of images of childhood, monsters, stars, halloween skull and bones, christmas trees etc.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July theme

I had planned to make a quilt with the June theme, but I am on vacation right now and just did not have the time to do it. That is also the reason that I am late with posting the new theme. However I never go away without my usb stick, so I had access to the list of themes. After several runs with the random number generator, this is the theme which was chosen for July: Street scene. Good luck to you all for interpretating this theme into a quilt.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Child's Play

This is Hilary's quilt. She says, "I have tried to give the impression of a child's painting in a colouring book.The figures are machine stitched."

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


This work resulted from many manifestations.  I am addicted to the design possibilities of text at the moment and words provided the starting point.  Several ideas came and went out of the window until I thought of children's play blocks.  These were a devil to construct and there were to be five originally with 2 letters on each to say 'CHILD'S PLAY'.  However, when I started assembling the first blocks I thought that I had a pleasing design so it got no further than 'CHILDS'.

The background was from a manipulation of the words 'Child's Play' together with the idea that it could be taken in the adult or child sense e.g it can mean a doddle, easy, a picnic, a walk in the park.  Most of this is designed not be read.  A quotation from Chaucer's 'The Merchant's Tale' is included also.

Techniques include digital transfer and free machine quilting on cotton.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Filling in the Blancs

Well, my piece is finally finished. Sorry it is so late. The quilt is slightly distorted in this photos since I still haven't stitched the back facings - they are pinned in place.
I took the theme quite literally and looked for words and phrases using "blanc". I came up with blancmange, Sauvignon Blanc and, of course, Mont Blanc. The mountain has a tunnel running through it so looked at photos of the entrance from the French side. This has a strange canopy which I have shown. Funnily enough, in my searches I came across a wine shop called "Filling in the Blancs". Hence the addition of the wine bottle and glasses.
A mixture of cottons and sheer fabrics appliquéd together. Free machine embroidery.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Filling in the blancs

I took this theme literally as you can see :-). Fill in the blancs and you get a text. I trust you can find it.

Fabric used are - as usually my own hand dyed ones. Whenever a theme is announced within a couple of days I know what I want to do with it. But than other things require my attention and before I know it the end of the month is almost there and I still have to start. This month was no different than other ones. And if you are wondering why you can not see the edges of the quilt. Well, I still have to do the facing :-)).

Filling the blancs - Irene MacWilliam - May theme

I got a notion I wanted to do something with a lot of yellow, then the question was what to do on the surface of my yellow fabric. I decided to again do something abstract using off-cuts. I had fun and am well pleased with having produced a very cheerful piece. I have to add yellow is my favourite colour.
I had this piece sitting on top of my sewing table as it cheered me up looking at it, BUT a robin got shut in our kitchen which has access to my sewing room and my piece ended up with a bird dropping, which I tried to remove. I can still see where it is/was and am wondering whether to fill in the area with an extra little red dot. -- that would end up with me filling a blank area, albeit with something very small. The arrow in the next image shows where the bird splat was.