Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New theme

The theme for the coming month is: Ups and downs.
Again I have to admit that I had no time this month to create something for this group. As you might know, I am participating in Elizabeth Barton's masterclass this year and that takes more time than I had expected.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

2nd piece for Decay theme - Irene

This is the second compost piece 12 x 12 ins
I used some of the fabric over from the piece in my previous post. I also took a photo of my sun print and printed it onto fabric using TAP paper. I did not bother to fiddle with the photo so the colours are somewhat different. I also failed to wait for it to dry properly before washing, more than I would have expected of the dye came out. This created a worn looking fabric. However I call this 'happistance', it suited my theme. Using a metallic green paint I then printed.... composting is kind to the environment, it promotes diversity.

 I have just put out some more fabric with decaying leaves to sun print. I do not think it will be used for any more postings to this site unless of course I am totally excited about the result. Some of the bits were not staying in good contact with the prepared fabric so not too hopeful of a good result

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

August 2015 theme Decay Irene MacWilliam

When I heard the theme for August was decay I knew I had to make something to do with one of my great interests - compost making. Sounds sad but it just lifts me to see how all the decayable household waste can be turned into amazingingly productive soil. I found some old decaying leaves  and various other bits of growth and did the above sun print. I loved it. I was using reds, browns, yellows and a little green, not combinations I often work with. I find brown a difficult colour.  I did not want to cut it up but I had to.

This is the piece I made for the theme. I have printed a photo of the above onto TAP paper and am toying with producing another piece on the theme of  Decay. Again sorry for being late in posting. I also want to do the old and new theme and have an idea for that so again that will be late and out of sequence.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Apologies from Irene MacWilliam

I am hoping to do at least one of the last 2 challenges, either - Decay or Sign of the Times and maybe the latest Old and New. No real excuse except I just ran out of time as I was concentrating on producing work for a show.
I am off in a fortnight for a weekend retreat of quilters from both the north and south of  Ireland. We stay in this great place called An Grianan and have the use of a clean room for those who wish to sew and a simple art room, it is scruffy and has a sink but what else does one require. When we arrive we have to remove the lovely white linen cloths they have placed on the tables. Our weekend runs from Friday tea time until Sunday lunch time. The food is great. We are usually a group of around 6 - 10. I plan to be in the art room all the time. Hopefully I will produce something suitable for the 3 latest themes.