Monday, 30 May 2016

Millie Thomas - Long Walk Home

I used some jam jar dyed fabric for the background and some bucket dyed textured fabric for the women.  I drew freehand the shapes for the burkas.

Using variegated thread I stitched it, leaving a lot unquilted to give a sense of distance and a mountainous background.  

The plight of those women really touches me to the core, more so than the children and men for they are the ones trying to hold it all together in diabolical and risky  situations.

Whoever wants to leave the country of their birth?  Not many of us. But to have control over their futures stolen by war, to the extent that they must save their children's lives by becoming refugees, leaving their patents, or struggling to carry them too,  how must that feel? 

I know I feel helpless and hopeless just thinking about it.  How about you?

Saturday, 7 May 2016


I am writing this in the hope of enlightenment!  Could anyone help me with the following?

1)  Where IS the poll & the Yahoo group?  I thought that the blog was the only place for posting observations?

2)  Has it been decided that 'The Long Walk Home ' is the subject & July the deadline?  I know that Irene proposed it & it suits me as I am halfway home already!  However, I have not seen a definite deadline or any mention of ideas for future work.  Perhaps we could have the themes for the year so we can get ahead of the game if that suits us.

3) Have the people who made contact via my message on the CQ site been contacted & what is the result?  Do I need to do a follow-up message as I have a feeling that some may have fallen by the wayside?  I do feel a bit responsible for their participation & enjoyment.

4) Could you do a post,Will, letting us know where we stand?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

At last I have managed to get there with the help of John.  Google makes things so complicated,  lets hope its all sorted.
Back to 'Conquered'.  I was really stuck for an idea for the current topic and I saw a picture of Everest.  I am of an age I can remember the thrill of the announcement that Hillary and Tensing had reached the summit.  I'm not good at figures but I think the distant shapes convey they have a long walk down!  It was good to work on something quickly as soon as the idea came.  I usually take ages to decide.
Thank you Will for your patience and help.