Saturday, 7 May 2016


I am writing this in the hope of enlightenment!  Could anyone help me with the following?

1)  Where IS the poll & the Yahoo group?  I thought that the blog was the only place for posting observations?

2)  Has it been decided that 'The Long Walk Home ' is the subject & July the deadline?  I know that Irene proposed it & it suits me as I am halfway home already!  However, I have not seen a definite deadline or any mention of ideas for future work.  Perhaps we could have the themes for the year so we can get ahead of the game if that suits us.

3) Have the people who made contact via my message on the CQ site been contacted & what is the result?  Do I need to do a follow-up message as I have a feeling that some may have fallen by the wayside?  I do feel a bit responsible for their participation & enjoyment.

4) Could you do a post,Will, letting us know where we stand?


  1. Jenny, I have just read your post , 7 th May, about new members . I joined as a result of your post on CQ and have done the first challenge.

    Uploading is a problem , I got there with the help of Irene but I hope I can do it myself next time.

    Thanks for posting on CQ, this is my first attempt at online groups.


  2. Sorry not to reply sooner, Millie. It is nice to hear from you again as we have met at CQ. I hope that you will not be discouraged & persevere as I do feel responsible for those who joined as a result of my post. As I have said above, you seem more successful at finding the topic than I was. Could you tell me here this poll 'lived'?

    Best wishes

  3. wil wrote in an email 2 days ago to the group conversation bit of Sky is the Limit that as she is away from home she for some weird reason can not access yahoo groups and so can not tell you about the Poll
    Hope this helps Jenny.