Thursday, 31 October 2013

3D Diamonds

Using up and not buying for a sqaure is still my theme so this time I used thick royal blue acrylic felt as the background because I knew it was going to be a problem sewing the edges once the pieces were attached.  The diamonds are made of vilene and covered with hand-dyed silks that have been edged with various threads.  These were then attached in rows with a variety of small square buttons in complimentary colours together with a very rebellious round red one to draw the eye.  I have really struggled with "Abstract", I think it was just too broad a subject for my taste although I have to say that those who have already posted did a truly splendid job so well done!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

November theme

The theme for November is: Cosmos.  It is time to start thinking :-)

Abstract trees

When I started creating this piece, it was just a matter of playing with shapes. I liked a certain position of it and fused them down. When I turned the piece around they resembled trees with falling leaves. Funny how a piece can find it's own title. Background are commercial fabrics, the trees and leaves are made from hand dyed fabrics.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Scrap Piece - Abstract

I came home last Sunday after being away for 5 days and wanted to be creative. I had not been near my sewing machine for about 10 days but I was very tired  and lacking ideas so I thought I would try a different approach to the theme Abstract. I got down my box of bondawebed bits that had scraps or discards from other projects and applied them without much thought to a piece of fabric that I had overdyed, it had been a black and white print. I used the back so the letters were reversed not that there was much difference now due to my overdyeing.  Person is not very abstract but in the setting he is just another shape. It was such fun and took me no time at all. I then quilted it yesterday - as I had my computer beside me I was watching the missed episodes of  Coronation Street so it had to be fairly simple quilting. I did straight line quilting diagonally in both directions but organised it so there are areas of parallel lines and in others little squares created by the width of my sewing machine foot. It was the fastest piece, no thought, no planning, minimum time used BUT I really really like it. Person is not very abstract but in the setting he is just a shape.


I was getting rather worried that I was going to miss out doing something for this month's challenge and decided to do a sun printed piece with whatever was conveniently to hand.  I spelt out nothing with backwards letters and added the z so it was not so obvious. Only new thing I did was try salt with the setacolor transparent and it worked fine and obviously has potential for adding a different texture. It satisfied the brief of Abstract but did not please me, it is just like  a sample. That is fine as far as it goes.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oh, I really like this Margaret, very Astral !!  Ann

Wednesday, 23 October 2013



Please excuse the missing 1 cm. I have had this design for ages and I really wanted to try using a thick thread in the bobbin and stitching from the back. First I stitched the pattern on the front with a fine thread, then turned it over and had the thick thread in the bobbin. This was fine until I realised that in some places I could see the original that was removed. The pieces were joined and the circles applied. I use calico already fused with wadding for the backing. (from Empress Mills)

Monday, 21 October 2013

late change!

I really like this piece, especially the copper patterns.........just my favourite colours.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Catching up

Sorry gals to be so late, but at last I can show you what I did with the September theme:
My original idea was to start with small hexagons and change the shape of them, turning it into an artquilt. But that involved hand piecing and as I was late already I decided not to do that. Instead I focussed on the changing of a white piece of fabric into a surface designed one. In total there are 4 different pieces of fabric in this quilt. The starting point, a plain white one. The second one with only one layer of paint, the third with 2 layers and no doubt you can guess, that the fourth one has 3 layers. I used different paints and paintstiks for this piece.
My quilt for the October theme is finished as well, but you will have to wait a few more days before I show a picture of that one :-)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Abstract by Hilary.

This is Hilary's piece for the October challenge - Abstract. She has painted an abstract with acylics painted onto Bondaweb. It is machine quilted with a binding made from some of her own dyed fabric.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


This piece is inpired by a very rainy day on the banks of the River Tyne with memories of taking the original pictures from under an umbrella which my husband was kind enough to hold.  I have had these photos for ages but never quite worked out what I would do with them.  I am very fond of them and eventually developed an idea.
The water was quite grey and the reflections 'Coaly'.  I have transformed them through extensive work and many layers of development.
The theme is that the reflections are ever changing at a rate of knots but the river goes on remorselessly until it reaches the sea Thus things change but remain the same (as in 'Plus Ca Change,Plus C'est la meme Chose'.  The quilting is designed to show a river swirling and changing.  Sorry about the colour of the photo as it was not as good as I would have liked.
I have over 200 more photos as the camera was on continuous shoot!  I'd like to explore the idea further as I have plenty of material to choose from - several lifetimes worth in fact.!

I have been asked to let you a little about myself.  Firstly, I would like to to thank you for having me in the gro
up.  I am sure that I shall benefit enormously as I like the format and making smaller pieces.  I hope that you enjoy looking at my work.
I have been steeped in textiles virtually all my life and I have been influenced by the textile skiulls if the north-east.  I have concentrated on Patchwork and Quilting (or as we should call it now - mixed media), after doing more or less evrything else.  It is the textile I like to do most now.
I belong to several textile groups including Contemporary Quilt, Thames Valley, Embroiderers' Guild and I try to exhibit as much as I can

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Martin Luther King Jr

One of the greatest political changers of the 20th century, truly a man to be admired!
I have recently been trying to adapt Maria Elkins' faces technique by using Misty Fuse instead of her recommendation of Steam-a-Seam Lite 2. I used hand-dyed fabrics backed with Misty Fuse to create the face starting with the palest and working to the darkest.  Once bonded the whole was free machine quilted.  The lettering was made by stitching the wording through paper on the machine but without thread in the  needle; the resulting holes were filled in with Derwent Inktense Pencils and them painted over with Matt Medium.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I must apologize but I will post a day late, sorry.  Have to go sick visiting unexpectedly and I haven't quite finished the quilting on my piece for this month so will post sometime tomorrow.