Saturday, 31 December 2011

Size is not everything-at least not in dress sizes!!

Iv'e finally made it, sorry to be so late but have been with family in Liverpool and have only just returned and found the time to load this up!
The differences from one country to another in women's shapes and dress sizes sprang to mind as an ideal topic for this very challenging topic when I had to do a dress size conversion for a friend who was buying dresses in Japan, their sizes are all odd numbers, this led me to look at other countries as well. Shapes are usually, apple, hourglass, pear(that's me) and banana. The shapes have been made using my dyed fabrics and bonded onto the numerical base, don't we all wish we were a size 10??
Happy New Year to everyone
Ann Beech

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Apparently Hilary and I were thinking along the same line for this theme :-). I decided to work with flowers as well. A couple of big tulips and a small one. Both the big ones and the small ones are pretty, so size is not important.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Size is not everything

This is Hilary's quilt. Unable to get her work onto the site, she asked me to do it for her.

Inspired by a Van Gogh exhibition poster, the stricken sunflower touched by the frost leans over whilst the daisy remains unaffected.

The fabrics used include net which has been machine embroidered.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Size Is Not Everything, Small Is Sweeter

I have been harvesting the remainder of our carrots. Hence the idea, not a very good one but it fits the theme.

I again used the cut, stich, cut, stitch technique for the background. Unfortunately because I was desperate to get on with the challenge I made the division between sky and soil at the half way mark, not a good idea design wise. Typical of me not thinking things out. I realised this early on but decided just to continue.

I used fabric paints to create the fluffy leaves and give character to the carrots. I then free machined with green variegated thread to give more texture to the leaves.

To my surprise I am reasonably happy with the result considering it was made so quickly and without much planning.

Plus Point -----I will be able to use it in the crafts section of our local Annual Show, where hopefully it will make the entrants to the vegetable sections smile.

Irene MacWilliam

Panic. Diary of today

I have to report negative progress. I got a shock to see that our challenge piece has to be in by 1st Jan.

I was away in England for over 5 weeks due to a death in the family. It was a shock when we came home to find how close we were to Christmas. I have returned to a sitting room full of furniture to be shared round our family but none of them want to take their pieces at this time.

I am now trying to juggle life, Christmas with all that involves and getting on with my 25th Events of the Year Quilt. It has to be finished by end of January as all 25are going on exhibition in early Feb.

Will see what happens.....

5.10 pm
Husband has been away all day so I decided to spend the day sewing the challenge piece and ignore everything else and hurray, I have finished my piece.

I will photograph it and post it on site tomorrow.

Irene MacWilliam

Friday, 16 December 2011

How is everybody doing?

The present theme is a difficult one, but I managed to find something and I even have it completed :-). The week after Christmas I will put a picture on the blog. How are you all doing? Struggling with the theme? Busy with holiday preparations?
As we are getting close to the due date, I want to ask Ann to start thinking about the new theme.