Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Size Is Not Everything, Small Is Sweeter

I have been harvesting the remainder of our carrots. Hence the idea, not a very good one but it fits the theme.

I again used the cut, stich, cut, stitch technique for the background. Unfortunately because I was desperate to get on with the challenge I made the division between sky and soil at the half way mark, not a good idea design wise. Typical of me not thinking things out. I realised this early on but decided just to continue.

I used fabric paints to create the fluffy leaves and give character to the carrots. I then free machined with green variegated thread to give more texture to the leaves.

To my surprise I am reasonably happy with the result considering it was made so quickly and without much planning.

Plus Point -----I will be able to use it in the crafts section of our local Annual Show, where hopefully it will make the entrants to the vegetable sections smile.

Irene MacWilliam

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