Thursday, 29 November 2012

Here is my piece for Text Me, I misread it just as Text so it's rather different from everyone else!
As it's November my theme is Remembrance and I have taken the text from John McCrae's moving poem from 1915, "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow...".  I have a thermofax screen with the wording and have screened this onto a hand-dyed background with  silver Textile Ink.  The fabric was dyed scarlet and then folded, clamped and re-dyed with black to give an interesting block effect.
I cut a Speedball poppy stencil and stamped the design on with scarlet Setacolour Opaque and used more of the Textile Ink for the silver ones. Trails of light green leaves wend their way through the poppies and as a final touch I added stamens of black thread with tiny beads to each flower head.
This has been a very satisfying piece despite me having strayed from the topic so thank you to whoever came up with the idea; now it's onward and upward to "Snow" although there's no inspiration at the moment!
Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year
Ann B


I will have a website completed soon and wonder if any of you would allow a link to any you have, on my site.

Mine is

Text Speak - Kelly

I can hardly believe I made it in under the wire.  Couldn't connect to the internet for 3 days and it seemed that everything I needed to get done required SOMETHING off the internet!!  But my wonderful live-in computer guru dug and dug until he found the solution and now I'm up and running very well.

So here it is....the title is Text Speak.  One of the joys of being a grandmother is that your little ones keep you up to date on the latest music, games, electronics, etc.  I text with my grandson often and with others on a regular basis.  Along the way I have had to learn the "language" to keep up.  Now a lot of it is second nature but it seems there are still things I don't get.  But thankfully I can just ask my grandson!! OK so he rolls his eyes like he can't believe I don't know that but it is all in good fun.  Just so you don't miss it....There is a row of smiley faces down the upper left side and asterisks across the top (machine embroidered).  I had a blast making this one.

Kelly Hendrickson

Raw edge applique, all hand-dyed fabric background. All text and smiley faces were printed on a computer printer fabric sheet.  I "painted" half of fabric sheet with some leftover dye that just happened to match very well (I love serendipity!!) so some of the texts are green and some white...just like on my text messages. I chose to use a regular binding on this one because all my text messages are "framed" by the edges of my iPhone.

Translations:  THX - thanks,  IMHO - in my humble opinion,  BRB - be right back,   BTW - by the way,   CWOT - complete waste of time,   <<<VBEG>>> - very big evil grin,   C U L8TR - see you later,   *$ - (one of my favorites)....Starbucks!!,  AYTMTB - and you're telling me this because...  And of course ROFLOL - rolling on floor laughing out loud.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

In the Beginning

Hi this is my piece for the "Text" theme.  The background piece of cloth is a piece that I feel looks like the creation of the universe.  Next I printed two different layers of The Lord's Prayer in "text" speak.  On top of this I stenciled the beginning of John's Gospel and then I tied it all together through three layers with thick perle thread.

Preachers often say "The text for today's sermon" and that is where the rest rolled from.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

new theme

As it is getting into winter, our theme for December is related to the cold season. It is: Snow.


A couple of days ago I gave the teaser, but here is the completed quilt. Text - or in general communication - is so important that it can be very akward if you do not understand the other party. Speaking the same language is essential. This is the idea behind my quilt for this month. Kelly has a stamp with old Egyptian hieroglyphs which I used to stamp a piece of fabric.
All the fabrics used are my own hand dyed ones. To be honest I hade made the background top years ago, it was still waiting to be used and finally for this theme I could use it :-).

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I have attempted the 'TEXT ME'  which reflects my total inability to get to grips with texting on my old phone.  When I upgrade I will carefully read the manual and practise!!

Sorry about the 'barrelling' with the camera today.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Text me - teaser

My original idea for this theme was to use autocorrect and then focussing on one of those annoying corrections you get when texting. Especially when you text both in Dutch as well as in English it can become very confusing and annoying. However I was not really happy with the lay out of this idea so I decided to switch to another idea. Which one? The picture above might give you some idea. Now I only have to create it. I will show you the result in a couple of days.

Monday, 19 November 2012

my 'text' piece

This is the quilt I made for 'text'. As I have lots of samples I made for my coursework, I thought I might as well use one of them. It was a simple collage, made with different types of monoprinted fabrics. I applied white acrylic paint with a roller, just a thin layer, then I stencilled the alphabet on it with black paint. I then added another layer of white paint, then I stamped red circles, again a layer of white paint. As I wanted it to be greyish, like newspaper paper, I didn't let the black letters dry completely, before going over it with white paint again. Perhaps not a good idea? I appliqued the letters, they're cut from some handpainted fabric. As the sample was a little smaller than 12" I stitched it onto a white background.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I have posted this for Hilary as Mandy is on holiday.
Her notes read:-The word Text comes from the Latin texere - to weave, textilis - woven and textus - texture.
I used these words as the basis for my square using woven selvedges.

Ash Dieback (to the theme of Text)

I printed on white calico the background dots to represent the fungal spores of Chalara fraxinea that is causing dieback in our ash trees. I also printed the text one letter per 3 inch square. Free machined leaf and seeds. I now realise that the seeds would probably fall or spin with the seed or heavier end at bottom so my seeds are the wrong way up, however I think aesthetically I would prefer them as I have done them. This is the first time I have worked with browns or autumnal colours and to my surprise I quite enjoyed that. It is also a very pale piece, not my usual.

I have killed - 2 birds with the one stone- as they say, because our embroidery guild exhibition is to the theme "Blowing in the Wind" so this suits that theme. I have stitched my finished piece to a 12 inch canvas frame for our exhibition but it easily removed.
Irene MacWilliam