Monday, 19 November 2012

my 'text' piece

This is the quilt I made for 'text'. As I have lots of samples I made for my coursework, I thought I might as well use one of them. It was a simple collage, made with different types of monoprinted fabrics. I applied white acrylic paint with a roller, just a thin layer, then I stencilled the alphabet on it with black paint. I then added another layer of white paint, then I stamped red circles, again a layer of white paint. As I wanted it to be greyish, like newspaper paper, I didn't let the black letters dry completely, before going over it with white paint again. Perhaps not a good idea? I appliqued the letters, they're cut from some handpainted fabric. As the sample was a little smaller than 12" I stitched it onto a white background.


  1. I love the background and the lettering is so strong on it. You certainly have the newspaper effect of a newspaper background. I really like it.

  2. Oh the white paint WAS a good idea! Definitely got the "newspaper" look you were going for. Great idea!

  3. I do love the texture you have built up. I'm so glad you added that white paint over the wet black it really does add to the surface.