Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ash Dieback (to the theme of Text)

I printed on white calico the background dots to represent the fungal spores of Chalara fraxinea that is causing dieback in our ash trees. I also printed the text one letter per 3 inch square. Free machined leaf and seeds. I now realise that the seeds would probably fall or spin with the seed or heavier end at bottom so my seeds are the wrong way up, however I think aesthetically I would prefer them as I have done them. This is the first time I have worked with browns or autumnal colours and to my surprise I quite enjoyed that. It is also a very pale piece, not my usual.

I have killed - 2 birds with the one stone- as they say, because our embroidery guild exhibition is to the theme "Blowing in the Wind" so this suits that theme. I have stitched my finished piece to a 12 inch canvas frame for our exhibition but it easily removed.
Irene MacWilliam


  1. It's a nice interpretation of the theme. I haven't even started on this one. I hope I'll manage one next week!

  2. While I'm so sad to learn the reason for this work, I think it is a fitting memorial and interpretation of the theme. As for the direction of the falling leaves....artistic license covers it I believe! And way to go...two uses for this one!