Sunday, 25 November 2012


A couple of days ago I gave the teaser, but here is the completed quilt. Text - or in general communication - is so important that it can be very akward if you do not understand the other party. Speaking the same language is essential. This is the idea behind my quilt for this month. Kelly has a stamp with old Egyptian hieroglyphs which I used to stamp a piece of fabric.
All the fabrics used are my own hand dyed ones. To be honest I hade made the background top years ago, it was still waiting to be used and finally for this theme I could use it :-).


  1. I love this one Wil...the simplistic characters are flowing across the scene, well done my friend.

  2. What a lovely piece, plenty to think about in your interpretation. I do like the way you have layered the home dyed pieces to help move the colour around the piece.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! Love the look, love the interpretation of the theme, love the story!!