Thursday, 29 November 2012

Here is my piece for Text Me, I misread it just as Text so it's rather different from everyone else!
As it's November my theme is Remembrance and I have taken the text from John McCrae's moving poem from 1915, "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow...".  I have a thermofax screen with the wording and have screened this onto a hand-dyed background with  silver Textile Ink.  The fabric was dyed scarlet and then folded, clamped and re-dyed with black to give an interesting block effect.
I cut a Speedball poppy stencil and stamped the design on with scarlet Setacolour Opaque and used more of the Textile Ink for the silver ones. Trails of light green leaves wend their way through the poppies and as a final touch I added stamens of black thread with tiny beads to each flower head.
This has been a very satisfying piece despite me having strayed from the topic so thank you to whoever came up with the idea; now it's onward and upward to "Snow" although there's no inspiration at the moment!
Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year
Ann B


  1. Oh I don't think you meandered off the theme at all! I think that is why the title was Text (me) allow a more wide range of interpretations. I love your poppies and have always love that poem. Beautiful piece.

  2. It is lovely Ann! And be assured, you did not misread it. The theme was Text (me), meaning that you could do it about text or about texting. As long as there are words in your quilt, you stayed within the theme limits :-)

  3. Ann, it's beautiful and so subtle.

  4. A very strong piece.Everything works so well, I think the choice of bacground fabric is great.

  5. Ann, I really love this.It is very moving.