Tuesday, 26 February 2013

March theme

I just love the variety of ideas we all come up with for our themes! Let's see what we can do with the theme for March: Poem.
You can make a poem for this or you can create something based on an existing poem.
Good luck to us all.


I went off on the track of springs, which led to thinking about votive offerings. From this developed the thought of fertility symbols.  So here it is.  The image is of an artefact in the museum in Como.  To this I have added votive spring flower labels, the centres are small hand made beads, my offerings to the Spring. The ribbons add extra imagery of flowers and blossom.  All the layers are stitched through with perle thread in running stitch.

So, Spring and springs of living water.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

I do want to do the spring challenge.
I have a plan but life is intervening. I have suddenly got to get ready to go over to England at weekend for about 10 days and have to fit in visit to someone who is unwell and various things within next few days so my piece will be offered as soon into March as I can get it done. I hope this is OK.
Looking forward to seeing all the pieces and to hearing what the March challenge will be.

Spring buds

This is Hilary's quilt.

She says " In my quilt I tried to show Spring buds opening.Layers of fabric are stitched in a grid and cut back."

Friday, 22 February 2013


Well not yet outside, but Spring is the theme for February and this is what I created for this theme:

After the winter months, I really am in need of flowers :-). But let's get back how I started working on this. First I made the background by tearing a piece of snow dyed fabric into strips and placing the strips in random order on top of the batting and background fabric:

Whenever I make something which has applique on it, I prefer to do the quilting before I add the applique. And as there are multiple pieces of fabric in the background I need a rather dense quilting. I decided to go with this design and quilted till the edges of the fabric. In other words over the edges of the batting:

For the appliqued flowers I used commercial batiks and for the vase a hand dyed fabric.
Normally I write my labels, but this time I decided to include the qr code of my website on it as well. I printed this together with my usual information and ironed the label to the back of the quilt.
This will probably be something I will be doing in future with all my labels. Just for purpose of posting the picture on my blog I removed part of my address. There is some privacy I prefer :-).