Wednesday, 29 August 2012

monthly theme

As announced in the header we are changing from a quarterly theme to a monthly theme. Don't worry if you are still working on the Wine and Roses theme, but for everybody who wants to start with a new theme the one for the coming month is............  Road Map

Monday, 27 August 2012

my first piece

This is what I came up with for the theme 'the days of wine and roses'. I overdyed a piece of fabric to achieve a sort of 'wine red' and a colour for red roses. The little piece of bubble fabric is a piece I'd made using wax resist. I thought this piece could represent white wine. I handstitched golden thread around the bubbles.
I wasn't going to do anything figurative, just use the colours to represent the theme, but it still needed something, so I added a glass with machine stitching.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

trying to blog

Hi to the group,
This is my first attempt at putting words on a blog.  Today I have been working on my blue JQs which are based on the development of my agapanthus flowers in the garden.  I love the colour blue and these plants are beautiful this year.   I have given some thought to the current least 12 x 12 is not too demanding! It will be great to try out a new technique

Sunday, 19 August 2012

HI Wil, what an exhausting time we have all had at Festival of Quilts but well worth the effort. Lots of shopping and plenty of time to view the work as I stayed at the Hilton with a friend for two nights!
As Irene says, it would be useful to know the date when we have to finish the present challenge please.  I am certain our new members will be champing at the bit and will been keen to start as soon as possible. I have an idea bubbling but am about to go away to visit my daughter for almost a week so a date would be good!!
Best regards

Saturday, 18 August 2012

That is just brilliant, having a few more members and upping our interaction to once a month will give more opportunities for interaction.

Where exactly do we stand re the present challenge of roses and wine, when are you hoping we post our pieces?

Well done and Thank you Will for putting in the required work to grow the group.

Just back from 2 days at Festival of Quilts and feeling quite exhausted. I have unpacked the things I bought but I will have to wait until Monday to get some paints and new lino cutting blades from a friend. They will  travel in her booked in case. Such a pain not even being able to bring the paints home in my carry on bag.

Irene MacWilliam

Monday, 6 August 2012

Challenge group to look at

How about doing a small quilt every week. Have a look at this blog....CHALLENGE: Make a quilt measuring 20"x12" each week for the year 2012 see them on

Their titles are very varied and it is so interesting the interpretations.

I wonder how we would fair if we made our challenges more frequent? Although I am thinking about the theme as soon as it is announced  I do not apply myself until near the time when we have to post them on the blog.

It would be lovely to have more discussion about our pieces rather than just presenting them as finished pieces?

Irene MacWilliam