Monday, 6 August 2012

Challenge group to look at

How about doing a small quilt every week. Have a look at this blog....CHALLENGE: Make a quilt measuring 20"x12" each week for the year 2012 see them on

Their titles are very varied and it is so interesting the interpretations.

I wonder how we would fair if we made our challenges more frequent? Although I am thinking about the theme as soon as it is announced  I do not apply myself until near the time when we have to post them on the blog.

It would be lovely to have more discussion about our pieces rather than just presenting them as finished pieces?

Irene MacWilliam


  1. I like the idea and had to check out the blog you mentioned. How about speeding the challenges up to one per month. I know that one per week is too much for me. Both Kelly and I are members of another challenge group as well. Knowing that life can interfere with all the best intentions I would further suggest that all members have to participate in at least 5o percent of the challenges. Plus the challenges should be announced the 30 or 31 at the latest. To be able to do this I suggest that you all send me a list of possibe themes in advance and I randomly pick one each monrh. I am at the moment at Kelly's and she agrees with rhis. What do you all think about thes changes?

  2. I would be happy to do that. I think the idea of having lots of themes in a hat and you pulling them out of a hat and announcing them would be great. It would mean there was no delay in having something to think on.

    I think the idea of participants having to post 50 percent of challenges is a good idea but do not see how you could measure it. Perhaps we would be better not to have that restriction until we see how it would work out if we go down this route.

    If we go for one challenge per month I would suggest you have up to say the 10th of the following month to post your challenge.

    It would be great if we could have a few more members.

    Irene MacWilliam