Monday, 27 August 2012

my first piece

This is what I came up with for the theme 'the days of wine and roses'. I overdyed a piece of fabric to achieve a sort of 'wine red' and a colour for red roses. The little piece of bubble fabric is a piece I'd made using wax resist. I thought this piece could represent white wine. I handstitched golden thread around the bubbles.
I wasn't going to do anything figurative, just use the colours to represent the theme, but it still needed something, so I added a glass with machine stitching.


  1. I think the use of the spot fabric to represent the bubbles is a fantastic idea.
    Irene MacWilliam

  2. Well done Meta! I love the way everybody interpretates a theme in a different way.

  3. Hi Meta! Love the colors for the wines and the red roses. And the "bubbles" are wonderful.

  4. What fun! I do like the texture of your piece, Meta. Those raw edges and the seed stitches for the background really balance the bright centre so nicely. I really like the machine stitched drawing in the centre. As Kelly has said, the colours you've used are lovely.