Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Opposites are Complementary

Hi Everyone, this month I was thinking about how the opposites on the colour wheel are the complementary colours.  This led me to the dye pots to dye both cloth and thread.  It was interesting trying to find the "right" red and blue and yellow and then mix the secondaries.  I'm still not 100% happy with several of  the colours. (it's the red and green particularly - the most common colour blindness confusion interestingly!) The seeding is then worked in the complementary colour.  I learnt a lot about dyeing thread from this exercise and it has made me want to experiment more with the "Fabric Dyer's Dictionary".


  1. I like this piece Ali. What length of threads did you dye? Did you do them as hanks or just loose?
    This take on opposites was one that never entered my head, strange when I am so often thinking colour.

    1. Hi Irene

      I dyed hanks of thread albeit fairly small ones and yes they did get a little tangled!

  2. How interesting to use the complimentary colours, I sometimes think we try and over complicate things, I know I do, but you have got it just right, so well done! I use the Dyer's Dictionary quite a lot and find it an ideal way to dye small amounts of fabric and achieve a reliable result.