Saturday, 20 October 2012

Clockwise/Anticlockwise Flying Geese

I was struggling with this title and was talking to granddaughter, 10 years going on 40, just type in Antonyms in Google she said, right again as usual!! Well, what a wealth of ideas and Clockwise was a great result for me.
Circular flying geese going one way and then in reverse were a challenge to draw out but the result was very satisfying and I have sewed them in a lovely little piece of batiked fabric that I printed with Edwina McKinnon.  I added part circles of embroidered geese emphasising the colours in the batik and finally quilted all over with dense vermicelli to raise the geese out of the black background.  I have recently bought a circular fitment for my Janome Horizon and this was an idea piece on which to practice to good effect.


  1. Whow, first impression was overwhelming, but adjusting the size made it look much better :-)). I love your different approach to this subject and yes, I use Google quite often to find inspiration.

  2. I love this - all the movement with the flying geese and the machine stitching and then the quilting stitches behind it all.

  3. Lovely Ann, the colours and the weight of the outer geese are very appealing. What a clever grand daughter.

  4. also opposite colours.
    It's moving, allright!

  5. Flying Geese has always been a favorite of mine. GREAT effect with them in this theme!! Also adore the really tiny FG!!

  6. I would have found it very difficult to get the proper arrangement of the arcs as you did, they really add to the piece.

    1. HI Irene, I invested in a circular guide gadget for my Janome Horizon at this year's FOQs so was looking for an excuse to try it out, this turned out to be the ideal opportunity. I have always used an upturned drawing pin stuck to the machine with blue tack before but invariably it moves during the course of my stitching!