Saturday, 31 December 2011

Size is not everything-at least not in dress sizes!!

Iv'e finally made it, sorry to be so late but have been with family in Liverpool and have only just returned and found the time to load this up!
The differences from one country to another in women's shapes and dress sizes sprang to mind as an ideal topic for this very challenging topic when I had to do a dress size conversion for a friend who was buying dresses in Japan, their sizes are all odd numbers, this led me to look at other countries as well. Shapes are usually, apple, hourglass, pear(that's me) and banana. The shapes have been made using my dyed fabrics and bonded onto the numerical base, don't we all wish we were a size 10??
Happy New Year to everyone
Ann Beech

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  1. How clever! Interesting take on the theme! If only a size 10 was even in the realm of wishing though. Alas not. Wonder if there is a country where my size WOULD be a 10. Might be worth moving right?