Tuesday, 15 September 2015

August 2015 theme Decay Irene MacWilliam

When I heard the theme for August was decay I knew I had to make something to do with one of my great interests - compost making. Sounds sad but it just lifts me to see how all the decayable household waste can be turned into amazingingly productive soil. I found some old decaying leaves  and various other bits of growth and did the above sun print. I loved it. I was using reds, browns, yellows and a little green, not combinations I often work with. I find brown a difficult colour.  I did not want to cut it up but I had to.

This is the piece I made for the theme. I have printed a photo of the above onto TAP paper and am toying with producing another piece on the theme of  Decay. Again sorry for being late in posting. I also want to do the old and new theme and have an idea for that so again that will be late and out of sequence.

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