Sunday, 27 September 2015

2nd piece for Decay theme - Irene

This is the second compost piece 12 x 12 ins
I used some of the fabric over from the piece in my previous post. I also took a photo of my sun print and printed it onto fabric using TAP paper. I did not bother to fiddle with the photo so the colours are somewhat different. I also failed to wait for it to dry properly before washing, more than I would have expected of the dye came out. This created a worn looking fabric. However I call this 'happistance', it suited my theme. Using a metallic green paint I then printed.... composting is kind to the environment, it promotes diversity.

 I have just put out some more fabric with decaying leaves to sun print. I do not think it will be used for any more postings to this site unless of course I am totally excited about the result. Some of the bits were not staying in good contact with the prepared fabric so not too hopeful of a good result

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