Friday, 29 July 2016

Long Walk Home Tricia Revest

I'm sorry if this is a bit late but I am emerging from a bit of a bad patch and only just getting back into the studio. My offering for Long Walk Home is entitled "Imagining Walkabout" and was inspired by the landscapes and art works of Australia which we visited last year. Driving along the west coast from Albany to Darwin it seemed that we were so far from home both physically and culturally. The landscape even in the deserts was never entirely brown and there were many different types of vegetation hanging on in nooks and crannies. We visited a number of sites where rock art showed how the local have used the land for 40,000 years. I wanted to include the idea of walking across the landscape from place to place but these are not towns or villages in European sense but resources for life, waterholes, caves and food sources. Truely a long way from our home.

I am not happy with the piece, it seems bitty and uncoordinated and I would do it differently if I were to do it again. View it as a preliminary sketch in fabric. I just felt it was important to get going again.


  1. Good to hear you are able to get back into your studio. I am fascinated by your interpretation in this piece. and such an appropriate use of fabrics. It has the essence of what you wished to express and that to me is great in a piece of work.

  2. It's OK to make something you're not entirely happy with because having made it, leaves you with ideas about how you might improve it next time. Great that you felt able to get it done after a barren spell. I know all too well how good that makes you feel. Well done!

  3. I like the effect you have achieved by using strips as a foil for your focus fabrics. I definitely think you have scope here to develop your ideas further.