Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I am interested how often we are creating little pieces that are representational and not abstract and it made me wonder whether is it the titles or it is  the way our heads work. Although my quilt for FOQ was more representational I seldom create work that does not have another meaning to it and yet when I work on Journal Quilts or these Sky-is-the-limit quilts I work in a  different way.  My aim therefore for "Change" is to go more with the flow and see what happens.  Watch this space......



  1. Could it be that the limited time scale I.e.every month ,gives less time for coming up with a relevant piece?Personally I find that I need much more thinking time when presented with an abstract subject.

  2. I find that I am sometimes using the themes to try out an idea or technique. I have also been glad of having the challenge of just doing a small piece. Recently I have been somewhat lacking ideas for larger pieces so to have something small to produce gives me something to do, I feel so lost if I have time and can find nothing to sew. Sewing especially free machine work is the most relaxing aspect of makeing wall pieces.

  3. I think that it is a combination of several factors: the person, the theme, the mood you are in, what your preferences are. Whenever I know what the new theme is, my mind start whirling around it. Most of the times I have an idea within a couple of days and as I work mostly in a -quirky- realistic way that is often the style I use. However for the present theme I have something else in my mind. Now I only have to create it :-)