Thursday, 9 June 2016

whats it all about?

Hello All, I am not sure I understand this group? I noticed Millie asked for some help on the 30th May, I posted for some help on June 1st and to date seemingly no one has responded. Is this just not a very chatty group, do you simply get together once in a blue moon to set a new task/subject? I have no idea what "title" we should/may be working on at present. PLEASE someone let me know, thanking you in advance for your time. Take care Ann in sunny Brecon.


  1. Wil has been abroad and not able to access the yahoo groups. While away she had a thrombosis and had to go to hospital.
    The theme as I understand it is LONG WAY HOME and the date for completion is the end of July.
    Sorry that you are feeling a bit at sea. Let me know if I can help any more. I would love us to become a cohesive group all feeling as if we belong and commenting on each others work and also posting of how

  2. Just been looking back over the postings of the last few weeks. Having said it was Long Way Home I see I should have said Long Walk Home. Many Apologies. I might find myself treating Long Walk Home as a metaphor for Long Way Home as that is the theme I have been cogitating on for last few weeks!!!