Wednesday, 1 June 2016

help needed please

Hello, I downloaded my photograph of my little quilt this afternoon. However it is not now showing! I put it on the blog as I have no knowledge as to how to put it anywhere else. Also I got no information as to the final result of the poll, despite voting ? Have I done something else wrong?


  1. as you can see I finally found how to get it on the blog page! But do not understand why I do not receive postings from you?

  2. I am in the US at the moment with limited pc access. This is the first message I see from you.

  3. Hello Ann, I too am having problems getting the image to the right place and it's only there thanks to another member.

    I wonder if someone could write a set of instructions for uploading? I use an iPad only but others may use a different system. Any offers? Millie