Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Long Walk Home

My fabric is all my own dyed fabric. I have used markel for my sky with appropriate shaped cardboard. Then I have stitched with various colours in an endeavour to get the effect of hedges and fields I wanted. I am a 'cat' person, hence the paws bottom right hand corner. I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and am looking forward to the next. Thank you for the opportunity to join you.

1 comment:

  1. As a cat lover myself I can fully understand the vast area depicted. Great idea. We have a visiting Bengali cat who spends so much time with us, we have a small wood we keep for wildlife and obviously we are the cats second home, or perhaps third. Bengali cats crave affection so she can be annoying especially as she tries to sit/lie across my boobs to get nearer to my face, we can push her round room with a brush etc. Who knows how long her walk home is. My husband reckons we should put a notice round her neck saying, all people who think they own this cat please sign! Rather a long winded comment on your piece. Look forward to more of your posts