Monday, 13 June 2016

help requests and chat

Various postings have been made re needing help.

For new members some of the requests and chat can be found in the comments under people's posts. I have tried to help by responding through the comments. It is difficult to find ones way around the technical bits of posting photos and text.

Wil who set up the group said in one of the comments that she was abroad and could not access the Poll results through her ipad or whatever it is she has, I can not remember that detail.

I also read on another group that she had had a thrombosis and had been taken to hospital.

I hope the above is helpful.

I am working to the theme, LONG WAY HOME to have it up by the end of July. I say working, well just tonight I got out  paper and pencil to see if any of my vague ideas might possibly work. I am planning to do some of the fabric painting for it tomorrow. Sometimes I find it very easy to come up with a few ideas but this to me is very difficult. I have also been working flat out on a piece for an exhibition, see my facebook page (spelling of surname is MacWilliam..... no s at the end of surname). I also am a fanatical vegetable grower so been busy there.

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