Friday, 17 June 2016

Long Walk Home - Irene MacWilliam

I had so many ideas for this but none of them seemed goers when I got down to thinking about them in terms of fabric. I found I had changed the title in my mind to Long Way Home so this is a combination of the titles.

 Bird migration is one of the great wonders. I often think where is home to a bird, they do not all return to the nest area where they were born, though some species do. So where is home?

 I thought of when my children were young and how after a fun day out at the local park they had no energy and wanted to be carried. home. However as soon as they got back into the house they were full of energy where I might just have wanted to sit down with a cup of tea before cooking and the evening routine.

White cotton from the Empress Mills bargain bundles, sun printed and then free machine work. I do not particularly like this piece, it was not challenging and is very mediocre. The one thing that I do feel proud about is that when dye painting the fabric I completely forgot about allowing extra for binding so I had to be careful not to quilt into the narrow edges that were
needed to finish it. I had just a 2 x 1 inch strip left at the end.


  1. I love this Irene. I've had the same problem with getting my ideas realized but my piece is nearly finished now.

  2. Love it. I always remember the walks home as a kid, especially as younger brother always rode on Dad's shoulder!

  3. Fun piece. I once cut a quilt exactly the suze it had to be. A binding or a facing was not anymore an option. I stitched 1/4" from the edges and applied paint to the edges, so that you could not see the batting. Unorthodox, yes, nut it worked -:)

    1. I am interested in how you sun printed Irene. Did you cut stencils for the children and sun print them?

    2. If you go to my facebook page and scroll down my postings you will find how I am getting alphabets and figures etc to use as masks or stencils or whatever. Wil told me I could sun print in the oven so am experimenting with that, no idea what temperature to use so can give no advice. Obviously I need not to burn/melt/char the things I am using as masks

    3. Millie I forgot to say my facebook needs you to spell my name correctly Irene MacWilliam note it is Mac and there is no s on my surname. Come back if you can not find it.