Thursday, 27 September 2012

This month my husband and I did a whirl-wind trip to Texas.  Driving straight through there (1,100 miles one way) and straight through back (another 1,100 miles). The reason - my dad's memorial service.  All this in 5 days.  So Road Map was an appropriate theme for me this month.  And due to this long road trip to my home state, to my parents land where my dad's ashes are now buried, I've chosen to title this piece:

The Long Road Home

So, I went quite literal this time. White cotton background (just like a real map) The roads, county lines, road numbers,  railroads, rivers, etc are stitched. I then painted in the colors of the different roads and the river with Pigma Brush Pens.

As you might remember...I started this month's challenge with a whole different direction.  But it grew too big (20 X 20). Here is a link to my art blog if you want to see the final outcome of the big piece:


  1. Looking good! And you know there is nothing wrong with taking a theme literally :-)

  2. I like it a lot, a fabric map!

  3. A beautiful map. Thanks for giving details of how you achieved the colours.

  4. Looks wonderful. The graphic quality and the colour balance works so well.

    I am still struggling with this theme and realise time is running out.