Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Not getting it done!

Hi everyone, just to say I am getting there with the Days of Wine and Roses but have been interrupted by the need to garden, we have a chain of allotment and the weeds  wait for no man!  My piece is all laid out on the table ready to start stitching but I am off to Carrefour de Patchwork in Alsace tomorrow morning until Sunday so will try really hard to get it finished early next week - I promise!!!
Is the road one to be finished by the end of September as well?  I appear to have lost the thread just a little.
Love the work you are all doing and keep it coming please.
Ann B

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  1. I am a keen maker of compost, in fact obsessed with it Ann and use it for growing vegetables. Hope you have had good returns this year, it has been pathetic for growers here near Belfast, which resulted in fewer entries in our local show. However it did mean when I was not scraping windows prior to repainting I was able to run in and out to my sewing room without feeling guilty about not being in the garden.

    In fact when I am feeling lost for inspiration etc I just go and poke round my various compost bins while I mull over ideas for future projects. It often works, I think it just relaxes me the wonder of the decomposition process.