Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Road Map - Just the beginning - Kelly

Just completed the beginning of my Road Map quilt.  Thought I would post a photo of this first step so you can see how it started.  This is just the photo of the completed step 1...the process is described on my art blog:  www.kellyartist.blogspot.com.

We are leaving Thursday for a trip to attend my dad's memorial service. Will return on the 17th. I doubt I will have it totally completed before we leave but should have no problem getting it done by the end of September!


  1. I found it really interesting to read your work in progress report on your blog. I admire anyone who does a blog and keeps it up to date with items relating to their textile work. Thank you for sharing your process.

    I am one of those people who do not keep notes on how | do things or notes relating to any of my pieces. I do however have all the relevant information of date made and where they have been to and from where they were rejected noted. Thank you to all blog writers.

    Irene MacWilliam

  2. Thanks, Irene! In the past I've only managed spurts of continued blogging. Life crises seem to keep cropping up and disrupting my schedules. I'm trying this year to do better!! I like blogging actually and am so glad when people stop by!