Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inspiration Locations

OK after chuckling at Irene's comment about mulling over ideas while poking around in her compost, I got to thinking about where I am when I get a lot or most of my inspiration...or when art pieces being mulled over fall into place. Soooooo I was thinking it might be fun to ask all of you where/when you seem to have most of your Eureka! moments. Just click on comment below and let us know about that part of your creative process!!

As for me (guess I should start it since I asked the question....)

I love to take hot morning baths and soak until I actually become an awake and functioning human being. During that time of the morning, somewhere between half-asleep and half-awake, it is like my mind is on auto-pilot. That is when synapses not joined before connect and an idea or concept is either born or clarified.  AND I get all prune-like....lost in the creative process......  OK...TMI??

Now, you CAN'T feel intimidated to share after all can you?


  1. Well my brighest ideas pop up when I cannot sleep - or when I wake up in the middle of the night. For that reason I always keep a little note book next to my bed so at least I can write down the ideas. After that I can continue sleeping :-)

  2. I generally find that inspiration strikes just when I least expect it. I might be out for a walk, or doing the dishes. I have notebooks all over the place and always take one out with me. Ideas I have been mulling over for days will suddenly start to make sense at the most ridiculous times - standing in the queue at a supermarket, for example. I have found myself feverishly jotting things down when I get back to the car, before I have time to forget it all again.