Friday, 30 March 2012


Hi everyone, so glad you are all responding to the challenge! I did post my picture last week but for some reason I didn't get it right and it never appeared - I am a technophobe!!!!!
My piece was inspired by wonderful Scottish artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, I was lucky enough to have to study her for a piece of work for the Loch Lomond quilt show in 2011 and fell in love with her work.
My piece is hand tray dyed cotton, with attached squares backed with Lutrador to give a 3D effect.
I have attached each square with an individual machine stitched daisy and then the whole was machine quilted. I loved making it and will continue to look at her work on the web for future inspiration.
Ann B

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  1. Thanks so much for adding details of the way you made your quilt. It is really interesting to find out exactly how each quilt was made.
    How fascinating to be able to learn about an artist I had not previously heard of. Thanks so much for bringing her name to my attention.