Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The idea for this originated with a monotype of my hand in a glove which was printed with acrylic paint and scanned.  It was then embellished with various textures which reference fingerprint patterns and surveillance cameras.

My intention is to show two hands which are different in colour and pattern trying to make contact with each other.  They are prevented from doing so by many devices which include fences, 'Keep Out' signs and barbed wire.  The fences are printed with a wood grainer and then part of the print was taken and repeated

The background is meant to show a certain amount of chaos as is the stitchery which also becomes part of the obstacles.  The doves of peace and the CND symbol reference the intent and views of the two participants..


  1. This is such an interesting piece, Jenny, with so many different messages implied within it.

  2. Love all the thought processes behind it