Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Child's Play - November Hand Out Piece

This is a departure from the serious subject of November's Handout theme:

Our world is filled with discontent, violence and pain, and I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane to revisit a calmer time of my life.  My little girl has her hand out picking apples in the 1950's. 

My first memory of sewing is using the cardboard images with numbered holes in them.  Then you used shoelaces to go in and out around the image following the numbers. 

Even at a young age, it felt right to be "sewing" with those shoelaces, and I received these cardboard sewing images everytime it was gift giving time for a few years.  I wore through all of them.  ;-)

Details of how many steps I took to get to this finished piece are on my blog.  It was an adventure.


  1. Oh my, I remember sewing with cardboard and the holes. The world seemed to be a better place back then, of course we didn't have the technology we do now. I must say I enjoy the slow easy pace of days gone by.

  2. What an interesting piece. I really enjoyed the idea of stitching by numbers, much nicer than filling in a dot-to-dot picture with a pencil.... I love the background on this one. How was that achieved?

    1. I used Golden iridescent bronze paint thinned down with textile medium. That was sponged onto a stamp and I stamped away. Even watered down it was too dark, so I washed it before heat setting it and got exactly the look I wanted.

  3. Thanks Diane. It has worked really well.