Friday, 29 August 2014

Irene MacWilliam - Sticks and stones may break my bones.

Been somewhat preoccupied by family matters so took the easy way out for this theme. I just played so that I felt I was being creative.
I took some old sheeting and immersed it in some dilute dylon silk paint to give a blue haze to fabric, I was hoping for more mottling. I then used a new thermofax screen to give a feeling of small stones, another screen gave the stick pattern. I then used a home made screen and stencil I cut to make the 3 figures. I tried out nozzle bottles for the text but they were not suitable for this size writing as the uneven blobs are too intrusive.
Text ---- Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.
I used blue dyed fabric with another abstract line design for the backing. Line quilting in short lines to represent more sticks.
An unexciting piece but it was fun just using so many different screens. I used to think screen printing was so messy that one needed to be doing a lot of it to warrant the preparation of an area for it but I actually find it is easy to just do 2 or 3 prints without making any mess.


  1. Some themes are just more demanding than other ones. This - at least for me - was not one of them :-). Have you thought about using permanent marker for writing on fabric?

    1. I have various ways of doing text, permanent markers, inktense pencils, refillable pens, fabric pens etc but I wanted to try out my nozzle bottles having found them to be so good for doodling or making large free sweeping marks.
      I should have tried them out for writing but I just went for it.