Monday, 22 September 2014


I did this one first because it was more inspiring for me which is the line of least resistance.
You might wonder how this can be considered 'In the bag' and on the face of it you might well be right. However, it can be justified as it was literally lying in the bag.  Additionally, as the original was from an
unfinished series on liberty and the effect on the individual the prisoner or prisoners behind bars are also 'in the bag'.  No-one can censor or control their thoughts though as 'Stone walls doth not a prison make' (Richard Lovelace).
It was interesting to observe that a quilt made by prisoners through the efforts of Fine Cell were predominantly displaying their great longing for freedom.
Techniques are printing and machine embroidery.


  1. Love your lateral thinking on this project. Strength and balance of colour is great.

  2. I agree with Irene. Great that you came up with this idea!

  3. Very thought provoking.Lovely colours too.