Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Blues - an exploration of texture

This started out as an experimental piece trying out different types of free machine quilting. Since it got rather out of hand, it has now become my piece for this month's challenge.
Distressed knitting, felt pieces - my own and a commercial piece, hand embroidery, buttons, scraps of commercial and my own printed fabrics, scrim, silk ribbon, free machine quilting, and bias binding. 
Rather an indulgent piece, since I had a lot of fun messing around and putting it all together. 


  1. This is such fun!Was it Kaffe Fassett who said-if in doubt add more ?

  2. Love the patch on bottom right with straight stitching and red highlight.

    Just trying to get down to my piece tonight.

  3. This is a fun piece. Love the litte red flower.

  4. LOL, this has a little bit of everything in it. Good for you indulging in making this, because we're enjoying looking at it.

  5. Thanks so much, Irene, Wil and Diane. Yes, I really did have a good laugh putting this together. The patches were part of a handstitching workshop I did some months ago and put aside. They just seemed to fit in somehow.