Monday, 27 May 2013

What Plans Have You Got

I am wondering what people plan to do with their 12 inch challenge pieces. It would be nice if our group some time in the future could show some of them. I wonder would any of the English shows be interested in them as a unit.


  1. HI Irene, I did take a photograph of nine of my pieces all laid out on the floor and found, much to my surprise that they were quite coordinated although to date I haven't found a use for them. I am having a "Quilts in the Garden" in July during our Open Gardens Sunday and I thought I might mount them onto board with a view to selling a few if the opportunity arose but of course price is always an issue at these type of events, but definitely food for thought.

  2. I would love it if we could find a place who is willing to have us exhibit there as a group. Several quilts of mine have been selected for (online) exhibits in the US.

  3. How exciting, Wil. I would be pleased to have mine on show as part of an exhibit. I am taking them along to a talk I am giving this weekend.
    I really haven't any plans for my own pieces beyond this. I must try taking a photo of them together like Ann has done and see what they look like.

  4. How about posting on this site a composite photo of those you feel go together.

    Ann re your comment above, it would be interesting to know how they sell? I do not mean actual figures unless you wish to disclose such info but the general reaction to selling this sized work.

    Wil, I was not really aware of online exhibitions.

    I have been wondering if I could make any of mine into a larger size exhibit by ladder stitching them together. Any experience on this and how well does it hang? What is the maximum number anyone has stitched together?