Friday, 31 May 2013

About turn - Janus

My apologies, my piece is not yet completed. I felt I had to post something before the deadline, so this is a sneak preview.
The Roman God Janus immediately came to mind when I read the topic for this month's challenge. This design is based on one I found online. Unfortunately I was unable to find details of the original and so cannot credit this accurately.
The figure above is free machine embroidery onto calico bonded to heavyweight Fast to fuse. This has stabilised the surface making it so much easier to stitch. The thread is Wonderfil Accent which is rather thicker than I am used to using. It is a variegated thread.
There is more to be done to this piece before I will feel it is complete, but that will take a few more days yet.


  1. Looking good so far!Super machine work as always.

  2. What a clever interpretaion. I look forward to seeing the further work you mention. Irene

  3. Thanks Wil, I really need to get back to finishing it off. It doesn't feel quite complete yet.