Monday, 20 May 2013

Twirling Circles

I was puzzling over how to interpret the title. I kept coming up with ideas but discarding them. Then I suddenly thought an idea I had had for about a year might suit. I had put off trying the technique as I could not work out quite how to do it. I like to work out techniques and construction ideas in my head, it saves me hours of frustrating sampling. Once I actually got down to trying to work out how to do it I made 2 quick samples and I was off.
I planned to have spotty  twirling circles in four different plain coloured 6 inch squares to make the top but then found some lovely spotty black fabrics in my spot pile, I have a stripe pile and a spot pile; both very precious. I am putting up a number of views of the piece so you can see how it works.
I did a bit of free machine quilting in multcoloured threads. This made a fairly stiff piece, as it needs to hang away from the wall,  it can be hung from 2 corners or from just one corner. 
Now for the back view. It has less good fabric on the back.
Now to think whether I will build on this idea. Thanks for the challenge - about turn- I think that was it or else it was - turn about.


  1. This is great fun. What an imaginative interpretation of the theme.

  2. I love the vibrancy of this piece.How very organised to have separate piles of spots and stripes!