Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring Forward - Kelly

Finally, I was able to complete the February piece! A few days late but here none the less.

The title is "Spring Forward".  There are several layers of Spring in this piece, starting with the surface design on the background. There are hearts and Xs and Os. All stand for Love..."In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." - Alfred Lord Tennyson.  Then the watch main springs...springing out of the watch and...forming spring flowers. Also, the quilting is spirals to repeat the main spring motif.

Spring Forward

Already have the fabric batching for the Poem piece. Hoping not to be late on this next one.


  1. How very inventive!it is a super piece of have already done the poem theme!

  2. What fun! There is so much detail to enjoy in this piece.

  3. What a facsinating piece.........a great combination if ideas.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments! It was quite fun to create this piece.

    @Hilary - A great idea to use this for the poem one as well...but you already beat me to the "first post" so I'll just do the other one I'm planning. LOL!!