Sunday, 6 March 2016


The ocean is really a great big fish tank so it is apposite to site my fish in an open space.  My fish are not happy with conditions in the sea and express their displeasure. They complain, plan to revolt or get out if they can.  One manages it but the old one cannot go.  The noise mentioned at the bottom refers to the disruption caused by submarine noise which confuses small marine life.  The rest is self-explanatory.  I imagined what the fishes would say and expressed it in a fun way but I hope that the serious point contained there will be obvious.  In some ways it is also a metaphor for the human situation at the moment.

The background was based on my own pictures of reflections and the fish adapted from other work.  I used photo transfer and free-machining.

(I have two more pieces ready to quilt and I shall try to work these up as soon as time allows.


  1. Jenny what a fantastic piece. I love it. What more can I say? I am still struggling with coming up with an idea.

    1. Thanks Irene. You are always so supportive. I am sure that you will think of something.