Tuesday, 28 July 2015


For 'Seaside' Theme.

Yes, this really is the seaside!  Well, almost!  It is, in fact, a creek which goes into the sea but one can surely stretch a point.  (I cannot 'do' buckets & spades, seashells, beach huts etc).  The blue surround indicates the euphemistically called 'migrant activity'' as they try to come in by boat.  (As I write this there has been an unprecedented attempted invasion of the Tunnel & 'Operation Stack' is back in place).  We feel that we cannot go anywhere in North Kent at the moment.  There are references to barbed wire, arrowheads and surveillance whilst the crosses are self-explanatory.  Access denied!

The quilting emphasizes the problem by putting up barriers in each section whilst the random quilting on the sea represents a turbulent crossing.  I particularly like the effect created by the random quilting on the outside sea area.  When I look at the original before me the effect is very textural & interesting.

Whilst the work is inspired by the current migrant problem I am not taking sides and it does not represent my own view as to what should be done.  I do not know the answer.


  1. I am afraid that nobody knows the answer to this huge problem.

  2. A thoughtful interpretation of this difficult problem. Thanks for your explanation, Jenny. How uncomfortable for you in North Kent - I do hope some solutions are found before too long.

  3. Another fantastic piece. I have been thinking how to do a piece on this problem and so far have got nowhere so very impressed with your piece.

    1. Thank you all for your kind words. We do not live exactly in North Kent, fortunately, but use the M20 & M2 for our strips to Whitstable, Broadstairs etc. This is impossible at the moment.

      If you do a piece on this theme, Irene, PLEASE let me see it! I feel that I haven't done the subject justice yet.