Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Sign of the Times - Grandma's Clock

My Grandma had a very odd looking clock when I was a child, with all sorts of wheels that moved although I never knew what they did, I was too young!!  This is my interpretation of it.
 I firstly made a sencil, with Bondaweb and ironed onto calico, cut it out and stuck it onto the background fabric. The dial that holds the numbers was covered with "hot spots" from Nid Noi, with a sheet of Transfoil ironed over and then pulled off to leave lots of very small bronze circles. The wheels were part of the original stencil as were the fingers and these were painted before being stitched around. I had a real problem trying to add the numerals and eventually gave up and bought some stick-on ones from a craftshop!

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  1. what a lot of interesting techniques. It all worked well.